Zeiss Ikon Box Tengor 54/2

This could be the oldest camera I own.  It comes all the way from 1934(ish) and for its time is actually quite advanced.  Not just a simple 6×9 box camera, oh no! It comes with three apertures and three focal lengths.  Ok, so they are simply holes and auxillary lenses swung behind the main Goerz Frontar lens, but for 1934?  This was the camera that left other boxes in the dust.

It is a well made little piece of history, that’s for sure.  It feels very good in the hand with its leather strap.  Of course it is really a tripod camera, and that’s the way I use it, with a cable release as well to keep it all steady, but it is a lovely way to wander around taking photographs.  It’s a relaxed and cultured exercise that I rather enjoy.  And to help with that it has two viewfinders and two tripod sockets.

Also – what can possibly go wrong with it?  The construction is excellent and it is all mechanical.  A real beauty.

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